Get To Know Me!

Hello! My name is Reece Schatz (The one in blue!), I am a soon-to-be English Literature graduate from Pacific Lutheran University. I hope to get my Master’s degree in Education within the following 2022 year and hopefully, be able to teach English overseas for awhile before resettling down in my home state of Washington. (Or maybe the British Columbia?) I have a passion for travelling and would love to experience what it is like to live as an immigrant in another country for awhile. It will not only enrich my life by challenging my social norms, but it would give me an entirely new perspective of what it is like to start a new life in a foreign land. I think these new types of experiences will be a valuable asset to have as a teacher in the United States education system. My end goal in life is to be a professor at either a University or Community College. But before that, I am working towards reaching my own milestones along the way!

Imperial Palace in Kyoto, Japan